5 Pack x 24 Pouches 10MM King Palm Natural Leaf Organic Corn Husk Filters

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Stop Burning your throat

These corn husk filters are the most durable and most effective filters in the world. These filters are the same as the ones used with our world famous King Palm Natural Leaf Rolls. Once you add a corn husk tip to your smoking experience you will never want to go without it. All the corn husk obtained from our suppliers use NON-GMO standards when producing their corn.

 New Corn Husk Filters: For use with Rolling Papers and Blunt Wraps. Squeeze or bite the filter to take a tighter draw  resulting in a smoother and cooler smoke.

9mm Corn Husk Filters - 5 Pack - MSRP $1.99

10mm Corn Husk Filters - 5 Pack - MSRP $1.99