(8) Boveda 69% Packs 2-Way Humidor Control Large 60 gram Sealed Packets

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For Longer Shelf Life (up to 2 Years) Leave Boveda Packs in Sealed Overwrap until ready to place in your humidor.

We recommend using 1 Packet for every 25 Cigars that you have in your humidor, depending on how much open space is in the humidor. You may need an additional packet if you have a small amount of cigars in a larger humidor.

Keep in mind, depending upon how air tight your humidor is and the amount of cigars you have, you may need to adjust the boveda packets accordingly to get your desired reading.

Boveda Packets get hard when it is time to dispose of them. Once you can't feel anymore soft spots its time to replace.

Please remember not to mix different levels of Boveda packs in the same humidor, and refrain from using multiple different humidification devices with the Boveda.